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Like Building Blocks the Kiss Barrier System can be Assembled into Many Different Configurations and Usages

Easy-to-assemble, easy-to-repair, the Kiss barrier is designed for flexibility, convenience... and the economy!

The Impact of a KISS on Track Safety Standards

For permanent course configurations, barrier support can be reinforced through the KISS anchoring system. In this case, longer PVC tubes replace the shorter pins at specified intervals and anchor the barrier to the racing surface. Upon impact, the anchored pins will provide additional stabilization and lessen the "boomerang" or "snaking" effect that pervades similar systems.

You can anchor as many pins as you wish for each track configuration, but our tests have shown that for proper kart resistance, every fourth pin should be anchored on straightaways, and alternate pins should be anchored on sharp radius turns. With a KISS, misalignment is minimal and the affected blocks can easily be assembled back into their original configuration.

Upon severe impact, the pins can either bend or break away and, collectively, they slow the vehicle down to avoid damage. Yet, the damaged pins can easily be replaced by one corner marshal at a minimal cost to the facility.

The Ideal Protection for Temporary Circuits

To secure temporary circuits, the KISS blocks can be filled with water or sand. The amount of "give" the barrier will have is dependent on how much each block is filled and the overall weight is modified. The KISS barrier can be easily customized and strengthened at specific points without needing to alter the entire barrier. For a new course configuration, the KISS blocks can simply be emptied, unlocked, and easily handled for transport.

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