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Installing A KISS Barrier Will Improve The Level of Safety And Overall Appearance Of Your Race Track

Simplicity Means Versatility... and Affordability

Convenient in size and weight (each barrier and pin is only 27lbs.) the system is designed to fit any course configuration. The Kiss barrier can be configured to a minimum 3 foot radius

Designed for both indoor and outdoor circuit construction, the KISS barrier is comprised of durable polyethylene "blocks." Fully UV-stabilized to withstand all weather conditions, these lightweight hollow blocks are linked together with short locking pins made of inexpensive PVC tubing. Designed with mobility in mind, the interlocking pieces can easily accommodate a minimum radius of three feet! Each pin pivots with just the right amount of flexibility to absorb the impact and preserve the driver's control of the vehicle.

For flexibility, convenience and superior reliability, there is no other standalone source of protection on the kart racing circuit today like the KISS barrier.

The Kiss Barrier Works to Your Advantage

  • Designed to be the ultimate in barrier protection for the driver and kart
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor circuit construction, temporary or permanent
  • Lightweight and flexible — ideal for track reconfiguration
  • Flexible anchoring system
  • Easy to transport and install
  • Very low maintenance required
  • Weather resistant — UV stabilized
  • FEA tested and approved
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